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The Campus Events Report is a collaborative effort between T&I, the College Union, and the Special Events Office. The report pulls its data from the EMS database and provides a high-level overview of events taking place around campus. This is designed to help employees see periods of high activity or special holidays that may affect their planning or the availability of certain spaces.

For example, an employee seeking to reserve spaces for a conference needs to be aware if it overlaps with Orientation Weekend, which drastically reduces the number of available spaces on campus. Or they may want to know whether a men's basketball game is scheduled on the same day, as that will affect the availability of parking around the Baker Sports Complex. The Campus Events Report is designed to make these sorts of scheduling complications easy to find so EMS users can plan accordingly.



Accessing this report

The Campus Events report is published to and is visible on the Home page, under the section labeled "Power BI Reports."


It can also be accessed from within the EMS application by clicking "Campus Events Report" under the LINKS section on the left-hand navigation panel.


How to use this report

The Campus Events report consists of two pages:

  • The Summary page provides an overview of the events scheduled to take place in a given period, as well as upcoming holidays and "critical dates" that may impact your planned EMS reservations.
  • The Detail page has a data table which lists the events scheduled to take place within a given set of search parameters.

Drillthrough navigation

Users can navigate from the Summary page to the Detail page using a button on the left-hand side of the Summary page, which will become enabled when making a selection from the among the visuals displayed on the page.

For example, a user can left-click on the "Rehearsal" row in the matrix visual to select that event type, which will enable the navigation button, causing it to turn green. At this point, the user can left-click on the button to drill through into the Detail page, where they can see all events classified as rehearsals.




Data source(s)

Data source Data source type Connection mode
EMS Microsoft SQL Server Import

The data for this report refreshes hourly every day (Sunday thru Saturday), between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (ET).


Data governance

Data classification

The data in this report is classified as Internal use only. It may be freely shared with other Davidson users, but should only be shared with external or users or vendors with permission from a manager.


This report is visible to all Davidson employees.

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