Adviser Access to Student Documents in Etrieve Content

Academic advisers (including both major advisers as well as pre-major holistic advisers), can view documents that are related to assigned students in Etrieve Content


Document Description

Etrieve Document Type

College Transfer Transcripts

REG Transcript College Transfer

High School Transcripts

REG Transcript HS

High School Scores

REG HS Scores

College Application

REG Application

College Application Supplement

REG Application Supplement

As an advisor, you will only be able to view these documents for your assigned students, and are not able to make changes to the documents. However, depending on your job responsibilities, you may have higher levels of access in Etrieve Content that give you access beyond what is shown in this document. 

To access Etrieve Content, go to  You will be asked to log in via Single Sign On in a manner similar to other Davidson web-based applications.  

You will be presented with a Etrieve Content User interface similar to the following:


In the left navigation, you can either scroll to your student using the tree structure, or type in the student’s name or Banner ID in the search area to filter down to your student. 




When you select a document in the tree structure, the actual document will appear in the viewing pane.



More details on Etrieve are available in this overview.  

If you have any questions about the content of the documents for your student, please reach out to the Registrar’s Office at

If you have any questions or issues with accessing or using Etrieve Content, please contact

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