Kuali Build: An Introduction

What is Kuali Build? Kuali Build is a code-free, cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) application development platform with business process management functionality. Kuali offers an intuitive and simple way for anyone to create their own forms and workflows using rich, powerful, automated, integrated business applications that are secure, accessible, and mobile-ready.

What can you do with Kuali? 
Transform your current process and create forms and workflows with integrations that:

  • Collect feedback and business information
  • Notify users 
  • Create approval pathways
  • Enable a responsive user experience

Who can use Kuali Build?
All Davidson students, faculty, and staff have access to Kuali Build. 

What if I'm using Google Forms or Qualtrics; Do I need to switch to Kuali Build?

There is no requirement to change, but if you are looking for ways to create efficiencies and streamline, Kuali Build might be something to consider. Explore forms and survey options available at Davidson and consider the following about each option:

  • Google Forms is an easy-to-use, collaborative tool that integrates with other GSuite applications such as Docs and Sheets to create forms and collect feedback. 
  • Qualtrics is a powerful, web-based tool used to build and manage online surveys.  Some specific use cases at Davidson include collecting information and sharing results related to research data and formal studies.  Qualtrics' support is handled exclusively by Qualtrics.
  • Kuali Build is an easy-to-use, robust form builder allowing users to manage and update on their own.  With Kuali Build, users can add workflows, such as approvals and notifications as well as Davidson data integrations, such as majors, org groups, departments, accounts, users, and more. Introductory training is offered through T&I. Take a look at an example of a Kuali Build App at Davidson. 
    College Relations Special Events Form

How do I get started with Kuali Build?

Learn more about Kuali Build in this quick introductory video 
Search the Kauli Build Knowledge Base
Review our Kuali Build Training Guide 
Consider these Best practices for Kuali Form Building and Kuali Workflows
Create a basic Kuali Build app, learn how to Clone and Migrate apps, and check out the latest Kauli Build integration list.

Have additional questions?
Email us at ti@davidson.edu or register for the next Introduction to Kuali Build session using our training registration form created with Kuali Build!   


Kuali Build Dashboard


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